“How the Discoveries of
Dr Hal Stone and Dr Sidra Stone,
both PhDs from 
Northern California
With Over 100 Years 
Experience In Clinical Psychology

is Your Answer to Understanding
The Secrets of Your Personality
and an Ever Deepening,
Enjoyable and Exciting Relationship
That Becomes More Fulfilling and Intimate
Each Day of Your Life

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Imagine having a warm, loving relationship built on closeness and trust.

One where you both communicate honestly and openly… really listening to each other… dealing with your worries and challenges through conversation together instead of in silence alone.

Imagine feeling more secure, more passionate, more relaxed, because your relationship is no longer an energy drain, but a source of continual vitality, strength and joy.

Or imagine truly living your life’s true natural purpose and potential, filled with a sense of meaning and fulfillment

You may think that sounds too good to be true.

But as you will see in the story below, it is possible… almost any relationship and other area of your life can be rejuvenated – IF you know the appropriate steps.

My name is Michael Domeyko Rowland. I am Australia’s leading self development author and presenter. Over 220,000 people have attended my seminars. I am the bestselling author of the book ‘Absolute Happiness’, and have written, directed and acted in the cinema film ‘Being In Heaven’.

I’ve also interviewed and directed ‘Ecstatic States’, a documentary interview with Ram Dass ( Dr Richard Alpert ).

For over 40 years now, I have been studying self development, successful living and higher consciousness. I’ve studied or worked with some of leading teachers of self development in the world, including among others, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, James Redfield, Shakti Gawain and Paramahansa Muktananda.

My entire adult life has been committed to learning how, or what, I need to do in order to live a life filled with joy, happiness and inner peace.

And I am happy to say that I have also had some incredible experiences as a result of my self development work.

But this story isn’t just about me.

This story is about how my wonderful wife Paulina and I discovered the secrets of creating and maintaining a relationship that grows closer and more loving with each passing year.

Let me begin…

“The best you can expect from a long-term
is mutual toleration!”

That was the disheartening advice Paulina’s mother shared with her.

Paulina was 23 at the time and single. She had opened up about her dream to build a relationship that would grow stronger and deeper as time passed.

But her world-weary mum shot her down – almost laughing at the idea of a happy long-term relationship.

This negative dismissal only reinforced Paulina’s desire to have a great relationship, despite her mother’s words.

It was shortly after that I met Paulina for the first time.

We connected because of our mutual interest in self-development and a love of nature. On another note, we both understood the pain of growing up in a broken home.

The relationship felt right from the beginning.

‘Hellos’ and ‘smiles’ quickly evolved into a close friendship… finally deepened into a caring commitment.

It would have been bliss, but there were dark clouds on the horizon.

A year into the relationship, I felt like a ship on a vast ocean. One moment Paulina was calm, happy loving. Life was peaceful and carefree.

But out of the blue, a storm would blacken the skies.

Waves of explosive emotional anger would appear from nowhere. Lightning bolts of hurtful criticism would be flung at me.  And Paulina would regularly pack her bags and declare she was abandoning the vessel.

I also expressed many varied and unexpected sides of myself.

Why was it that not only us, but the people we knew, appeared to be made up of so many different aspects to our personalities ?

We were heading for the rocks. Time was running out. Just like our parents before us, our relationship was sinking.

Until we were thrown a life preserver at the last possible moment.

We had the good fortune to discover the work of Drs Hal and Sidra Stone, two experts on the psychology of relationships… and shortly afterwards our relationship and lives changed forever.

Their system was nothing short of amazing. They had all the answers we were looking for. They had truly discovered the secrets of creating a great relationship, keeping it going and allowing each person to grow more loving and communicate better with each year that passes.

In the words of Paulina:

    • I gained a great marriage, which gets better with time.
    • I’m able to help my children to fulfil their potentials and have happy and successful lives.
    • It has helped me in my career and financial life, and to create an enjoyable lifestyle. I am able to run teams of people for my work, and be appropriate in my behaviour with each different person as required. I can comfortably communicate with everyone.
    • I have found it incredibly useful to deal with stress and any emotional aspects of ill health, and therefore I now enjoy great health, which is a welcome change from my past.
    • It has also opened up extraordinary intuition and synchronicity in my life, where I am so often in the right place at the right time, and meeting the right people to fulfill whatever it is I want to.
  • And it has also allowed me to get in touch with my feelings on a very deep level.

The Life Changing Techniques
of Drs Hal and Sidra Stone

Hal and Sidra Stone had met as psychologists more than forty years ago, and started to experiment with this phenomenon of being made up of many “subpersonalities” or “selves”. They now call it “Voice Dialogue” and the “The Psychology of Selves”.

I’ll explain exactly what this is and what they teach as we go on. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll hear and how easy it is to apply it in your own life.

By the way, you may be interested to know that Voice Dialogue has centres and facilitators in many parts of the world.

It is used by all types of people to improve their relationships, their insight into themselves, and the people they have to deal with.

It is used to improve sporting performance in Sports Institutes. It is taught in Universities and given by medical doctors to help in revealing psychological causes to diseases. It is used by leading Hollywood and New York acting studios as a simple means for actors to increase their abilities, as well as in a variety of other ways.

In short, I believe that…

All Areas in Human Life can be Improved By this method!

Voice Dialogue has many astounding benefits. Do any of these arouse your interest?

  • Attract the right person to have a relationship with
  • Grow closer in your personal relationships and marriage
  • Improve you own ways of relating, and so become an excellent role model for children
  • Increase intimacy, experience real love and increase the heart connection with your partner
  • Uncover the real reasons why so many relationships go into a downward spiral and what to do about this
  • Understand why you may draw the same types of unfulfilling people again and again into your life, and what to do about it
  • Become very attractive, as well as growing into a more whole, relaxed and balanced person
  • Discover how your energy levels, self-confidence, career, finances and creativity are created by your personality structure
  • Learn about the power of your mind over your health
  • Crack the code of your own dreams, and see how they can become a teacher for you
  • Discover a powerful and unique self development technique that can deepen your relationships, communication abilities, and each aspect of your life

Voice Dialogue is a potent method… and… it’s all revealed in a comprehensive Video and Audio home study course I personally directed and presented, aptly titled The Voice Dialogue Series.

The Voice Dialogue Series represents perhaps one of the highest quality self development home study courses EVER produced.

We filmed 90 hours of ‘raw material’, took a film crew to Hal and Sidra Stone’s house in Northern California and filmed half of the series there, interviewing the Stone’s in depth. The other half of The Voice Dialogue Series was filmed at a live seminar in Australia.

We then painstakingly edited the 90 hours of video footage down to 11 hours of video and 8 hours of audio, to give you only the ‘most effective’ information possible.

The editing took 9 months… and… production costs ran over half a million dollars!

The extraordinary fact about the series is that anyone can follow and understand it. It is presented in a simple to grasp educational way. Each video and audio builds on what came before, making it easy to learn, and providing fast insights into yourself, your relationships with others, and how your potentials are accessed.

Why The Voice Dialogue System
Is a Real, Genuine Breakthrough

Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone have taken the whole field of psychology, self development and understanding relationships to a new level. Here’s why:

In Psychology, it is now well known, that the ‘personality’ is actually made up many different aspects, or ‘sub-personalities’. You and I don’t have just one personality. The personality is actually a collection of subpersonalities. Each subpersonality has its own identity and individuality….and in a way you already know this.

By the way, this is nothing to do with split personality disorder which is a clinical illness.

You can see this multitude of different subpersonalities or selves in your own life, right now. The way you relate to your children is different to the way you relate to your parents. The way you relate to your boss is different to the way you relate when you are out socialising with friends. The energy you feel when you are making love is different to the one you express when you are playing sport or studying for an exam and so on….

Haven’t you found this to be true in your life?

Drs Hal and Sidra Stone have given these subpersonalities specific names. For example, The Pleaser, Pusher, Inner Critic, Perfectionist, Rational Mind, Feelings, Rulemaker, Rebel, Inner Child….to name just a few.

Most people, through their upbringing, get locked into and limited by, a small group of these subpersonalities. They express only a tiny percentage of themselves. This is almost inevitable in a modern “civilised” society, where we all have to deal with a large variety of circumstances every day at home, school, work and socially.

And this small group of subpersonalities, whether you are aware of them or not, create your whole life experience…. including your patterns in relationship with others, your inner feelings and emotions, your leisure activities, your career and financial realities, your health, creative expression, etc.

If your life’s experiences are constantly repeating or not playing out in the way you want, it is no use only looking for an outside cause. It is vital to consider the workings of the subpersonalities within your mind. Using affirmations, visualizations and the many other personal growth techniques is fine. However without also having knowledge of your subpersonalities, it is very tough to make a relationship, and other areas of your life, work well.

Most forms of personal growth have no awareness of these different subpersonalities. A few partially explore them, however it is only with the extraordinary research of Drs Hal & Sidra Stone, that a full understanding has finally been developed.

How Does ‘Knowing Your Selves’ Benefit
Your Life and Relationships?

The unique opportunity in a long term relationship is to help each other express more of the ‘selves’ we all have.

If you choose to do this, you will connect with your partner at a far deeper level, because you are connecting with more of these subpersonalities. You feel a steadily deepening closeness, intimacy, heart connection and love.

Each person becomes more attractive, energized, whole and balanced. Relationship becomes a joy because you are tuning in with life’s goal for itself, which is continual growth and more awareness. What a joy to know about this!

Not knowing about this is an unwise way to live, because your life may be limited, your personal relationships unfulfilling, and your creative and expressive powers limited. It is the cause of most confusions in relationships.

You will also be using up a lot of energy to suppress many subpersonalities, and that will make you less attractive. These supressed subpersonalities also tend to sabotage different areas of your life, including relationships, career, finances, health, creativity etc.

This is why all wise people and personal growth schools essentially say the same thing from ancient times till now… KNOW THYSELF.

So, the solution is to first of all, become more aware of yourself, or to be more precise your “selves” or subpersonalities. Now the next vital factor is…………

The Unique Difference – The Aware Ego

Where Drs Hal and Sidra Stone made a dramatic breakthrough was in their discovery of “The Aware Ego”, a unique faculty that is usually dormant in most people.

With the full awakening of “The Aware Ego” you have the ability to instantly access the energy of any subpersonality that you choose. At will you can feel playful, cheerful, happy, strong, confident, joyful or peaceful.

Or, if the circumstances require it, you can draw upon the energy within you that is goal oriented, focused and independent, courageous and loving.

It’s not a matter of denying what is already inside you. It’s a matter of bringing new energies to the surface by understanding your personality, then embracing and accepting all of it. In doing so, you become conscious of more parts of your being, and can therefore experience what you essentially are, something perhaps you were never conscious of before.

With “The Aware Ego” you can access the “True Self or Higher Self”, the state of being wise people throughout the ages have spoken and written so eloquently about.

With the awakening of “The Aware Ego”, you have the ability to use a wider range of potentials and abilities to create your life in the way you want it to be. You have the power to lead a fully experienced life, not in the limited sense that is accepted by most people.

And in The Voice Dialogue Series, Hal and Sidra Stone provide you with the complete explanation, a vital guide on how to access this all powerful, “Aware Ego”, and draw upon the energy of more of your subpersonalities. It is a remarkable experience to watch the two masters at work.

If you understand Voice Dialogue you will discover that:

Your Ability To Express Yourself Rapidly Increases! You feel Empowered and Amazed That You Have So Much More Within Yourself Than You Ever Imagined!

You discover and ‘unlock’ your many selves, and if two partners practise together, it is truly a most fascinating, powerful and fun experience.

The feelings of compassion, and closeness that arise are wonderful. It allows you to open up and communicate to another person so well. And best of all, you are always in full control of what happens.

When you learn Voice Dialogue, it means you’ll…

  • Discover the many parts or “selves” that make up your personality.(You will realise how they have created your life experiences. This includes your relationships, communication abilities, career and finances, creativity, self confidence and health).
  • Learn how more of your “selves” can be accessed and brought forward at will. (This helps you to reveal unexpressed creative and intuitive abilities, in your career, the arts, financial independence, sports, and lifestyle).
  • Allow your marriage to get better every year, connect with your children at a deep level and bring out the best in them.
  • Understand why you attract the people you do into your life, whether it be in your personal or professional relationships. (If you attract the same kind of people over and over again, and do not know why, then this information will help you greatly. You will discover how to more easily resolve relationship problems, and create great relationships with the people you choose).
  • Learn how to find the right partner, someone with whom you are able to enjoy an ever deepening relationship. (This knowledge also allows you to attract and – most importantly – be attracted to, the right partner).
  • Unlock and resolve unhealthy “Bonding Patterns” in relationships and marriage. (This means the way people interact and link together. Bonding Patterns can destroy intimacy and sexuality, and bring destruction of the relationship).
  • Awaken new levels of intimacy and heart connection with your partner. (Increase the depth and richness of communication between you both, and draw out the best in each other. Understand how energetic linkage is crucial to intimacy and maintaining a great relationship).
  • Create a flourishing career, earning a great income, doing what you love and living with a strong sense of purpose.
  • Comprehend the effect of the personality on your health i.e. the mind-body connection. (This new information can be extremely valuable for dealing with current health issues, and for preempting many potential problems. Learn how to use illness as a teacher. Truly understand what body pains and symptoms may, in fact, mean and learn how to use them for greater health, relaxation and vibrancy.)
  • Gain valuable new understandings into the interpretation of dreams. (Your dreams become your inner guide – an intelligent, insightful and impartial teacher to guide you in your journey of self discovery and unfoldment).
  • Ensure that if you are involved in a meditation or personal development path, you are not entangled in a part of the personality known as the “witnessing mind”, rather than the true Self. (This common misunderstanding, which limits many people’s growth for decades, can be corrected with this knowledge).
  • Develop an “Aware Ego” that is regarded by many as the missing link in psychology and personal development. (This unique insight allows you to embrace more of your selves, giving you more choices in how you express yourself in life. It also frees you from repetitive patterns of behaviours).
  • Learn about the brilliant process of Voice Dialogue, which is a simple and powerful transformational tool. Essentially it gives you the means of becoming free from past conditioning, as well as giving you more choices in your life. The series contains numerous sessions of Hal and Sidra personally demonstrating The Voice Dialogue technique

Here’s what bestselling author of Creative Visualisation, Shakti Gawain has to say about Hal and Sidra’s work:

“I am a great admirer of the work of Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone… I first discovered their work, many years ago, and Hal and Sidra soon became my teachers, mentors, and good friends. Their work has helped me tremendously in my own personal growth. I have incorporated many of their ideas and techniques into my workshops.Therefore I am pleased to let you know that there is now a wonderful Video and Audio series featuring Hal and Sidra Stone teaching and demonstrating their amazing work.

If you are interested in personal growth and consciousness, you will find this series fascinating and life-changing. And, if you are a therapist, workshop leader, personal coach or involved in any type of service profession, this material will bring added richness to your work. I’m sure you will greatly enjoy and benefit from it.

Blessings on your journey!”

Shakti Gawain,
Bestselling Author
Creative Visualisation

“To say that Voice Dialogue has been an important part of our lives is an understatement. Not only has it expanded our opportunities (and fulfillment) in life as individuals, but it has been a crucial part of our relationship. We do not know of any other way to truly honour another person and to reach ever-deepening levels of intimacy and love.The Voice Dialogue Series is like a treasure chest, containing some of the most valuable information you could come across. It gives you the whole theory of Voice Dialogue, along with demonstrations, explained in person by its creators, Drs Hal and Sidra Stone.

These Videos and Audios enable you to see and hear the Stone’s, and to feel their remarkable energy. The quality of the Series, both content and production, is outstanding. We would highly recommend it for both personal and professional use.”

Astra Niedra BA and Mark Belfanti
Sydney, Australia

I have attended many seminars and retreats and read hundreds of books which, though inspiring at the time, have had little permanent effect on my life. Voice Dialogue has given me a real understanding about what has held me back from having the life and relationships that I wanted.With this information I was able to learn to step back from my subpersonalities and automatic responses and, for the first time in my life, really start to choose how I wanted to be in the world. I feel such a sense of freedom, lightness and peace.

My friends and family comment on how calm I have become. I am enjoying my relationships much more because I am able to observe my interactions with others and understand what is really going on.

The Voice Dialogue Series was the best investment in myself that I have ever made. The Series is simple to follow, entertaining and profoundly life changing. For me life has become a game to which I have been handed the rules. Now there is nothing stopping me from winning.

Kellie O’Connor
B.Commerce Dip Ed
Sales Consultant/Company Director

Are these people any different from you? No, they are not. The only thing they did was to give The Voice Dialogue Series a try.

You can join them and experience for yourself just what it feels like to be in control of how you live your life… Enjoy more happiness and success, and really know exactly who you are and what hidden potentials you have.

Instantly Access The Entire Course
Via Online Streaming or
Request Physical
DVD Recordings

In The Voice Dialogue Series you receive 12 video programs. The videos are instantly accessible to you to stream online and download, so you can watch them anytime on your computer and mobile devices.

Or, if you prefer physical DVDs, we can post you a set of DVD recordings in the mail to watch in the comfort of your home.

In either case, once you press play, within minutes of investing in this eye opening collection of techniques, new insights into your life and relationships will begin to flow.

These video recordings clearly explain the system in easy to follow language. And to ensure the information passes from your short-term memory, into long term memory and into application, bullet points summarise the material that was just shown, every 20 minutes!

That’s over 11 hours of instruction over the entire course that guarantees you’ll be given a complete understanding of the Stone’s unique system.

The Voice Dialogue Video/Audio Series

Here are the topics covered in the Video recordings:

Video 1 Introduction to Subpersonalities 11 min’s
Video 2 Primary Selves 61 min’s
Video 3 Disowned Selves and the Effect of the Subpersonalities on Health 63 min’s
Video 4 A New Vision of Consciousness 55 min’s
Video 5 Relationships and Bonding Patterns 1 58 min’s
Video 6 Relationships and Bonding Patterns 2 71 min’s
Video 7 Dreams 58 min’s
Video 8 The Origins, Benefits and How to do Voice Dialogue 70 min’s
Video 9 Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 1 54 min’s
Video 10 Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 2 53 min’s
Video 11 Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 3 – Relationships 52 min’s
Video 12 Voice Dialogue Demonstrations 4 – Dreams 45 min’s

Your Investment

This is the first and only time Hal and Sidra have presented their whole system in a totally complete, in-depth way.

Hal and Sidra Stone are no longer doing public teaching, so this chance to see them present their own work is priceless. In the past you might have consulted with them on a one-to-one basis and spent thousands of dollars learning from them directly.

Attending a seminar with Hal and Sidra was a less costly option. An intensive 5-day seminar used to cost $2,450 U.S. dollars, not including travel, accommodation, and food. But neither of these options is available to the general public any longer.

Even when these were available, many people did not have that much money to invest in something as powerful and effective as the Voice Dialogue System. But what if there were a simpler, less expensive way for you to learn how to harness the incredible work of these groundbreaking pioneers?

Now, for the first time, the Voice Dialogue System is available for instant online access for streaming and download on your computer and mobile devices. Or you can request physical DVDs to be mailed to you.

Fortunately, your investment in The Voice Dialogue  Series is a mere

  • $US 197 for the DVD/CD set, which includes postage and handling, or
  • $US 147 for instant streaming and download of the videos and audios

Free Bonus Gift

To ensure that you really DO understand everything that Hal and Sidra have to share, I’m going to give you… with my compliments…

8 Audio recordings valued at $US 160 !

What’s on these 8 Audios? Conducted by Hal and Sidra personally, you get an ‘in-depth’ explanation of the major subpersonalities, and their opposites and how these impact your life.

They contain different material to the Videos, explaining Your Major Primary & Disowned Selves

So after listening to the Audios (over 8 hours), you’ll know which are the dominant subpersonalities at work in your own relationships, career & finances, creativity, feelings and health. You will also learn which subpersonalities you have suppressed or disowned, waiting to be embraced to uplift and add new vitality to your life. They are all new recordings of Hal and Sidra.

Subpersonalities Covered

Rule Maker / Rebel Special / Ordinary
Observer / Spontaneous Spiritual / Earthly
Mind / Feelings Patriarch / Matriarch
Control / Release Sensuality and Sexuality
Pleaser / Selfish Psychological Knower
What will people think Independent / Dependent
Pusher / Being Invisible / Spacer / Chameleon
Perfectionist / Slob Responsible Parent
Power / Vulnerability Jungle / Victim
Personal / Impersonal Abuser / Abusee
Critic / inner Teacher Inner Children

Dream Explanation

Included in this Audio series is an in depth description of the many different themes and levels of dreams. You will discover how your subpersonalities appear in dreams to balance and guide your life, once you learn to interpret their meaning.

Themes and Symbols in dreams
Disowned selves in dreams
Illness as a teacher
Mythic and Archetypal dreams

These are truly an invaluable bonus… yours at no extra charge… when you purchase The Voice Dialogue Series.

Here is Your Guarantee

What you will get out of the course is a deep explanation and understanding of Voice Dialogue, and how it can change your life for the better. You will get an intimate understanding of the inner workings of your mind… and… of how to have a fulfilling relationship.

With that in mind, here is my offer to you:

Watch the Videos. Listen to the Audios. Integrate and reflect on everything Hal and Sidra share in the series. If you don’t develop a much deeper understanding of the inner workings of your mind… if you don’t believe the information they share is truly profound and has boundless potential in YOUR life, … just return the DVD/CD set in an undamaged condition within 3 months, or inform me within 30 days of purchasing the digital course on Vimeo or Reelhouse, and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. It’s that simple. My reputation is built upon helping people like yourself to improve their lives. And frankly, if The Voice Dialogue Series hasn’t impacted you for the better, I’d rather you had a full refund.

Don’t decide now if the series is for you. Just get it and watch it. If you don’t receive new insights into yourself and ways to improve your relationships and life, you have nothing to worry about. Our guarantee states quite clearly you can get your money back.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You will be extremely happy that you took this step, as you will add another dimension to your life. You will never look back.

Order now to start receiving the benefits of The Voice Dialogue Video/ Audio Series risk free. Give yourself and your relationship this gift.

To take advantage of this offer, go ahead and order now. Here are your ordering options:

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& 8 bonus audio CDs
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The Voice Dialogue Series

12 videos and 8 audios can be instantly
streamed online and downloaded.

US $147 instant online access
(Normally US$295, Save $148)

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