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Hal Stone, Ph.D. and Sidra Stone, Ph.D.

To: Friends of Voice Dialogue

This letter is to announce the completion of a complete documentary on our work. This series consists of 12 new videos and 8 new audios and was filmed in the United States and Australia over the past three years. Michael Domeyko Rowland, a well-known Australian consciousness teacher and filmmaker, envisioned this series, conducted the interviews, and served as its director. It was produced by Dr. John Coroneos, a physician and filmmaker from Sydney.

In our wildest fantasies we couldn’t have imagined a more remarkable gift than that which Michael and John have given us with the production of this documentary. They have invested approximately $750,000 in the development of the films and tapes in order to create a truly professional product. We are very grateful to them for their deep commitment to our work and for the excellence of this series. This documentary is being distributed throughout the world by their production company, Wiseone Edutainment.

If you are involved in Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves in any capacity, these outstanding films will be of real value to you. The first tape of the series is an eleven minute introduction to the work and to the remainder of the series. It has been specifically designed for use as an initial presentation to help to introduce newcomers to the work and to arouse their interest in further information. It contains special 3D computer graphics that show how the personality forms and develops. The eleven remaining hour-long tapes combine interviews (which contain both personal anecdotes and objective information), demonstration sessions where we use each other as subjects, and segments of a two-day live Voice Dialogue Training Workshop that we did on Michael’s mountain property in Blackheath, Australia. All these are interwoven most effectively.

As for specific content, the series begins with the development of the primary selves and what it means to separate from them. We move on to the disowned selves and their impact on us. We discuss how these selves operate in our lives and how the bonding patterns they create impact relationships. We describe and demonstrate the nature of the Aware Ego and speak of the new vision of spirituality that emerges as we accept our commitment to embracing all of the selves. We emphasize the energetics of relationship and demonstrate how this works using the Voice Dialogue process.

There are several hours of demonstrations where we facilitate each other to illustrate the work. We discuss the dream process and how inseparable the dream process is from the psychology of selves. There is a section on dream interpretation. The series is presented in a very systematic way, and includes numerous bullet point screens which sum up each 20 minutes or so of explanations.

If you are a teacher or therapist, these films will support your teaching and your clinical work. We can assure you of one thing and that is that watching these films will change consciousness. We wish we could have a chance to see and hear all of the dreams that will emerge as you – and your clients and students – watch this series.

As you well know, it has always been our contention that the methodology of Voice Dialogue belonged to the world and to all therapeutic models. This is why we have refused to certify practitioners of the work. It belongs to anyone who wants to take the time to use it. If you are involved in training in any way, these films will strongly support your teaching and your therapy.

What more can we say? When we watched the rough cuts of the interview videos, with fear and trepidation in our hearts, we loved them. Even our Inner Critics and Perfectionists loved them. This was a remarkable experience for both of us. At that time they didn’t include the live material from the training workshop and the extra explanatory material that has been added. In their finished form, the videos are gems. As an extra bonus, this set includes 8 audios that cover the individual selves in some detail and an in-depth exploration of dreams.

From its beginnings in the early seventies, Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves have come a long way. This documentary series, together with a number of other current creative efforts, is going to push the work over the top. It seems very appropriate to us that they be released at the start of the new millennium and as we begin our sabbatical year. We hope that you will enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed our part in bringing them to you.

We urge you to buy this series of tapes and to use them as part of your work with others as well as for your own personal growth. They give a powerful, personal, and immediate update on our work and should add a great deal to your knowledge and your skills.

With our warmest wishes,

Hal and Sidra Stone


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My wife and I were a little unsure as to what to expect or how easy it would be to implement the program. However, after devoting a weekend to going through the videotapes we were excited at the results. The videos are well presented and easy to comprehend. They are fun and informative.

Having completed the videos, we decided to give it a try immediately. My wife facilitated as I spoke to the Procrastinator. The energy change was immediate. A weight descended on my entire body and became heavy, slow and unresponsive. We proceeded with the conversation and then spoke to the side of me, the one that knows how to get things done. At all times I was totally aware and in control of what was happening. Moving back to the center, we discussed what had taken place and, impressed at what had come up, stayed up for hours discussing our experience.

The next day was the most productive day I had for some time. The hours flew by and I was amazed at how much I achieved. The subsequent results speak for themselves – over $480,000 of new business sold in 14 days!

Voice Dialogue works! I strongly recommend these videos. Watch them and listen to the audios – not only will you have a greater understanding of how you “work” – your understanding of people in general will allow you to prosper in any situation.

Craig Donnell, Special Events Director, Australia

“As a doctor, psychologist, married couple, parents, AND individuals we have found in Voice Dialogue a unique way to better understand our rationality and irrationality, our likes and dislikes and other  “paradoxes” that we have. We are trying to get to the point where we
respect all these different aspects of ourselves, as an opportunity to discover new parts within us. Thrilling ! This is only a part of this process, as it also helps us to better understand the people around us.”

“The Voice Dialogue Series, with its very structured path, enabled my
husband and I to learn about Voice Dialogue in a very lively way.
Discovering Hal and Sidra Stone “in person” was pure joy and Michael Domeyko Rowland is very helpful in his way of asking extremely clear questions. The summary points every twenty minutes enable to metabolize step by step all the material given on these videos. The Audio series are also very useful for a last but not least reminder of this amazing technique. It is not only a mind opener but also a feeling and being opener !”

Florence Kehrer
Dr Philippe Kehrer

Voice Dialogue is a technique that has had a profound effect on my life.  For me “transformation” is the best word to describe its benefits.

It is simple, fun, creative and a truly practical means through which major change and growth can be experienced in your day to day life. I have been able to enjoy freedom from the stresses of the pressure cooker life that I once led. As I now run my own business, the Voice Dialogue process has allowed me to gain access to parts of myself that are essential in succeeding in this business.

My relationships, well being and confidence to live a fulfilling and inspired life continue to grow, and are enriched by the results experienced through Voice Dialogue.

The Voice Dialogue Series is a great source of knowledge. Each viewing deepens my level of understanding. The videos contain clear and insightful interviews with Drs Hal and Sidra Stone. In addition, the demonstrations reveal the process and technique that provides the backbone of this work.

I highly recommend the tape series as a starting point for those interested in learning more about Voice Dialogue, who wish to subsequently undertake Voice dialogue training, or be facilitated by a professional facilitator.

Cliff Trotter – Sydney, Australia

“I am Vladimir Zhikarentsev, well known author from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. My books deal with the mind’s structure and functioning .  After seven years Zen meditation practice I learnt the Voice Dialogue method which has two original and valuable features you never find in the other techniques.

These two features are the scientific and spiritual approaches to the quest “What the human mind is like?”

The Voice Dialogue Method helps us to become aware of the different parts of ourselves and to separate (from identifying) with them. Those who are practicing Voice Dialogue have a remarkable opportunity to see and to feel directly what they have inside their inner kingdom. It helps both to solve problems and to move along the spiritual path of
self-development. It is really a gorgeous method.

Vladimir Zhikarentsev

I recently changed careers and retrained as a Personal Life Coach and Kinesiologist. The Voice Dialogue Series has made me a better Coach and Therapist, as I now provide a better level of service than before.

I have spoken with my Primary Selves and learnt a lot about myself. This has allowed me to clear aspects of my past that were holding me back, as well as reveal patterns that I was not aware of. The work on dreams is incredibly accurate. Interpreting, remembering and understanding the messages in dreams has become much easier.

I would recommend the Voice Dialogue Series to Therapists, Coaches, and anybody who is interested in realizing their true potential in life, identifying and achieving their goals, and being happy.

Julie Edmonds Ba. App. Sci. (OT) Personal Life Coach, Kinesiologist

Voice Dialogue has been a great opportunity for me to discover my inner talents and gifts.  The information about Primary Selves (being a Pusher, Pleaser, Perfectionist and Critic) and Disowned Selves (the extreme opposite of primary selves) made me aware of what an extreme Pleaser I was before – just to win attention,approval and love from others. But to my wonder, when Hal and Sidra explained the roles of each self, I realized how to harmonize the many selves within me. With this consciousness, I thank God that I am a very beautiful vessel again.

Bernadette Ballener
Iloila, Phillipines

In my experience the method of self knowledge named Voice Dialogue is quite wonderful. Traditional techniques which focus on valid issues such as childhood, parenting, education and personality to name a few, seem to present a complex picture, without necessarily changing the experience of confusion and suffering.

Voice Dialogue has given me clarity around my behaviours and that of others. To realize that we comprise of many “selves”, each with its own voice, each needing to be heard and honoured, is very liberating. The full gift of the Voice Dialogue process, once experienced, is the realization that I am not the “story”, and that my true home is in the space of awareness beyond the very busy mind.

Max Hensser, Australia

‘For many years now I have found that Voice Dialogue  helps people
tremendously in all aspects of life. It enables people
– to get closer to a sense of who they really are and what they really want;
– it gives people awareness of their internal rules, and conscious choice regarding these rules;
– and it enables people to understand and enhance their relationships

Basically, Voice Dialogue gives people a space from which to make real choices. When this ability is available the benefits are enormous.’

Astra Niedra

After many years of trying to combine my roles as wife and mother, with that of teacher and spiritual searcher, I suddenly found myself a single Mum, with new needs and demands upon me. Buying the Voice Dialogue Video/Audio Tapes was a luxury at the time, but has proven to be quite possibly the best money I have ever spent. With so many apparently conflicting voices within my own head as well as from my family and community all competing for acknowledgement, these tapes have been an invaluable tool in helping me to make sense of them all and move on to create a happy, balanced life. With appreciation to you John and all responsible for making them available in this form, which I can continue to use again and again.

Janine Jessop

I have received the set of videos and audios called The Voice Dialogue Series. I am completely bowled over! It is a stunning production and I cannot find words that would adequately express my delight and gratitude.

I would like to share a little of how I have been using Voice Dialogue in two areas of my work.

Firstly, in psycho-neuro-immunolo-therapy (PNI), with people who have cancer and other degenerative illnesses. PNI therapy strongly emphasises the bodymind connection and the immune response to inter- and intra-personal relationship stresses. Hal and Sidra illustrate this magnificently in the videos in their discussion of “The Disowned Selves”. Integrating Voice Dialogue with PNI therapy is extremely helpful and I have my own success story here. I have been slowly separating from my own heavyweight(subpersonalities) and know how liberating and healing that has been for me……and it is keeping me in remission.

Secondly I use Voice Dialogue in my spirituality work. I am discovering that the effectiveness of the spiritual exercises I practise is enhanced when, in Voice Dialogue terms, we recognise WHO (i.e. which subpersonality) is doing the exercises.

Thank you dear Hal and Sidra for the wonderful work you have done, and so generously share with our world. May you always be abundantly blessed.

Nellie Zeilinga
South Africa

Through the study of The Psychology of Selves and Voice Dialogue, it has become clear to me how automatically I have responded to situations in my life. Hal and Sidra’s practical scenarios presented in the Voice Dialogue Series brought a new awareness about myself.

I then had the opportunity to be facilitated in the Voice Dialogue technique. In the space of 10 minutes, I experienced the incredible energy of one of my subpersonalities, just as Hal and Sidra present on the videos. After a few more facilitated sessions, I have identified the subpersonalities that have drawn me into certain kinds of relationships and career paths.

Since developing an Aware Ego, I have gained more respect for myself, become more confident and assertive. I have also taken more responsibility for the way I respond to life situations.

Linda Hosking

The benefits I have received from Voice Dialogue are:
– a deeper understanding of who I am, meaning NOT my personality. I have a personality, but it is not who I am.
– It would be fair to say that Voice Dialogue has saved my marriage through an understanding of bonding patterns. My wife and I are now closer than ever before and our friendship continues to flourish.

I cannot begin to thank Hal and Sidra for their gift of Voice Dialogue, as there are not words to describe how grateful I am.

Gerard Mullen
Western Australia

Voice Dialogue is simply the most effective tool I’ve ever come across for developing self awareness and promoting transformation. It has demystified my own reactions and behaviours, revealed what restricted me, and allowed me to tap into an unlimited potential of expression.

If there is only one thing you can learn about on your self development path, make it Voice Dialogue and The Psychology of Selves.

Annie Stoker

I have been involved with Voice Dialogue since 1986 on a personal and professional level. It is definitely the most powerful transformational tool I have come across.

Learning to become comfortable with the polarities within my personality and developing an awareness centre has helped me become more successful in all areas of my life. I feel empowered in my work, am more able to be in conscious relationships, take care of my body and generally have more awareness and choice. But most importantly, Voice Dialogue has facilitated my ability to be connected to a deep soul level presence in my daily life.

I have been teaching Voice Dialogue since 1987 and promote the Voice Dialogue Series as an essential part of my seminars and sessions.  I thoroughly recommend the series to anyone who is interested in using Voice Dialogue for their personal and professional development.

Ana Barner
Transpersonal Dialogue International
Byron Bay

This video and audio series is a fantastic tool for those of us who were privileged to learn Voice Dialogue in a personal setting and also for those who are new to Voice Dialogue and didn’t have a chance to attend the trainings in person. There are so many teachings around and it’s hard to know what’s what. This series is for people who are serious and don’t shy away from an in depth confrontation with all the conflicting and confusing voices that all of us have. 

I consider myself the interested public, I’m an artist with an interest in Jungian psychology. I was able to attend many seminars and retreats at the Jung Institute here in New York City and I learned as much as I could about Quantum Physics and how it relates to our perceptions, particularly I’m interested in David Bohm’s findings. I appreciate the Shift network where I took extensive online courses with Stan Grof and I am immersed in Carolyn Myss online courses and have taken trainings at Omega and Kripalu as well as many other popular teachers everyone knows so I don’t even mention it here. 

What I learned with Voice Dialogue has truly changed my life. Voice Dialogue takes a while to learn and requires courage and determination. I am grateful that this video series makes it possible to deepen my knowledge. I will use it for balancing purposes, those archetypes are forever fighting for dominance and now it’s more important than ever to discern those voices inside. 

Spread the word!

Susi Graf

What a gift, to have the extraordinary and unique work of Drs Hal and Sidra Stone documented in this way – with both of them personally demonstrating the effectiveness of the approach which enabled their relationship to flourish and grow over the years rather than suffer damage from life’s challenges and the inevitable bonding patterns that all couples get into. Witnessing their work and their bond through this series has had a profoundly inspirational and emotional effect on me that will stay with me and continue to affect me forever.

After watching the series I feel that we would all have much richer lives and relationships if we learnt about Voice Dialogue and how to implement it. The series offers an accessible and affordable way to learn about, apply and benefit from the powerful approach. It is empowering and thought provoking and gave me a deep understanding of myself and others within one of the most important aspects of our lives – our relationships. It has changed the way I react and view others and brought me personal growth, peace and a new found perception.

Alice Coolentianos

Professionals –

Psychologists, Counsellors, Therapists

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Voice Dialogue has had a powerful impact on both my personal and professional life. The understanding of bonding patterns and energetics has transformed my relationships. The DVD and CD series has bought true clarity and understanding to the many facets of this work. Learning about my Primary Selves and how they operate in my life is an exciting, ongoing adventure.

Shonna M. W. Ruff, LCSW


“I discovered Voice Dialogue about eight years ago, and I silently thank Hal and Sidra Stone on a regular basis for identifying this process that has allowed me to come to know and understand, as well as accept and love all aspects of my personality.

The Voice Dialogue Series is the most comprehensive and easily accessible resource available on the market today, especially if you want to learn the complete “ins and outs” of the Voice Dialogue Method, and begin to deeply understand the various components which support this simple, yet profound method of self-discovery and growth.”

Mary Disharoon, MFT
Marriage and Family Therapist

The Voice Dialogue Series has been very important in the development of Voice Dialogue work in Australia. It is comprehensive in its interviews with Drs Hal and Sidra Stone who explain all aspects of the development of the work and its current applications.

Gaining this overall view of Voice Dialogue and recognizing its personal relevance, has inspired many people to begin their own individual work and/or train in this amazing process.

People who study this series prior to beginning work with Voice Dialogue, find themselves at a great advantage.

Robin Gale-Baker, B.A., T.S.T.C., M.A.A.S.P.
Paul Gale-Baker, B.A., Dip.Ed., M. Counselling
Australian Institute for Relational Training
Voice Dialogue Australia

In our teaching programs for psychotherapists, consultants and trainers we have found that the Voice Dialogue Series gives an inspiring and clear contribution to the work we offer.

We heartily recommend the Series as an important asset to any educational program aimed at giving insight into human behaviour.

Further-more it offers new and exciting ways to enhance consciousness and restore balance in individuals, couples, teams and organisations.

Robert Stamboliev M.A.
Managing Director of the Institute for Transformational Psychology (ITP),

Voice Dialogue is a powerful transformational tool that develops the capacity in one’s daily life to have “real choice”.

This tape series is a powerful, clear, and touching rendition of the fundamental principles of the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego Process. It can be used very successfully to communicate the spirit and concepts of Voice Dialogue. It is a foundational educational tool for any professional dedicated to the empowerment of others.

Francine Pinto, B.A., J.D.
Voice Dialogue Teacher and Facilitator
Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.

This video series is a real gift. It shows what Voice Dialogue is about, and the rich learning experience which is open to anyone who decides to invest in learning more about the function of their “inner family” – or to teach it to someone else.

In courses, the video tapes are a useful resource: the questions asked by the interviewer are clear and to the point, and Hal and Sidra cooperate to give different insights about the issues with convincing charm and humour. They know what they are talking about, they believe in it from the core of their beings, and they communicate it in a very direct way. Even people who are not familiar with Voice Dialogue, get the point.

The tapes are professionally made, and stay with each subject long enough for the viewer to listen, learn and reflect. And the summaries are useful “thinking stoppers”, and pedagogically very well done. I recommend the series without hesitation.

Ane Haaland
Cross-cultural Communication Trainer

The 5-year training program, “Diversity in Leadership”, for the Norwegian State Labour Department in which Voice Dialogue was a central methodology concluded: “These courses had particular significance for participants’ self-development and insight, they contributed to their understanding of other people’s mental and emotional reactions and gave enhanced communication breadth and helped them utilise a wider range of their own abilities.

The participants say this benefited their interactions both at home and at work.” The videos work, they are serious and professional, yet funny and human, with an enthusiastically engaged interviewer who asks good and cumulative questions.

Susan Schwartz Senstad, M.A., M.F.C.C., M.F.A.
Family Therapist

Hal and Sidra’s Voice Dialogue Video Tapes are an excellent educational tool for teaching the Psychology of the Selves, including Voice Dialogue, Bonding Patterns, and Dream Work. We highly recommend these educational tapes.

Fran Florsheim M.A., M.F.T.
Peter Florsheim Ph.D. M.F.T.

The Voice Dialogue Series has been one of the most instrumental teaching mediums I came across in my twenty years as a psychotherapist and teacher. It offers a clear presentation of the Voice Dialogue method and the Psychology of Selves, one of the most profound theories of the last 50 years.

I use the series while I teach university students, when I present for national conferences and in my training of mental health professionals with astounding results. Hal and Sidra’s informal presentation style transforms their intricate concepts into a natural theory that is easy to follow.

I would highly recommend the Voice Dialogue Series to individuals seeking a comprehensive introduction to the Psychology of Selves. I also recommend the series to experienced Voice Dialogue facilitators since the material can serve as an excellent tool for continual review and training in the Psychology of Selves system.

Yolanda Koumidou-Vlesmas, ACSW, BCD, CASAC
Psychotherapist and teacher

I can never find the words to describe just how much I have gained from Hal and Sidra Stones’ Voice Dialogue Video Series. For me, these tapes have been an essential step in sorting out internal dilemmas within myself. They helped me see clearly, for the first time, that I had many different parts or “selves” that made up my personality. I have now come to know these inner selves as well meaning friends who thought that protecting me from my vulnerability also meant safeguarding me from discovering who the “real me” was.

This understanding has, in turn given me the ability to help my clients embrace those parts of themselves they could not see before. This has given them something tangible and positive to work with in re-establishing good relationships and mending ailing ones.

Carolyn Scott Counsellor,  Australia

I have been recommending this set of tapes to my clients since the day they were released. They provide a unique opportunity to learn directly from Hal and Sidra Stone about more effective ways to deal with emotional and relationship issues.

Rozz Nutting BA MAPS Clinical Psychologist, Australia

I share the view voiced by my colleagues, that in this video series, Drs Hal and Sidra Stone have given us easily the most understandable explanation of the Psychology of the Inner Selves and the Voice Dialogue technique. The Stone’s are amazing in their clarity.

I use these tapes regularly both when I am conducting Voice Dialogue trainings and in my lectures on this powerful and wonderfully effective work. Don’t miss them. The additional eight audios that come with the set are just an added bonus.

John Bligh Nutting, Relationship Cousellor, Australia

Voice Dialogue and Breathwork are complementary and mutually supportive techniques. Breathwork deals very effectively with traumatic experiences, bringing them to consciousness and integration, and thus dissolving the blocked energy they contain. It cannot, however, deal with the complexity of our various subpersonalities and their differing agendas. Through Voice Dialogue this becomes simple and deep fun. Voice Dialogue compliments and deepens the integration brought about through Breathwork through the fine details of what it reveals on cognitive and analytical levels.

Joy Manne, PhD  http://www.i-breathe.com USA

Voice Dialogue has been a tremendous help to me in better understanding myself and other people, and also in deepening my spirituality. Along with this personal benefit it has been a big help in my professional life as a Catholic Priest, Teacher and Counsellor and one working  to help rehabilitate alcoholics and addicts. It has been especially helpful in working with couples dealing with marriage relationship  issues, personal growth, as well as with persons seriously working on recovery from addictions of one form or another.

I make use of the Voice Dialogue Video/Audio Series in my personal and professional life. In teaching and working in  South Africa, India, The Philippines and  Ireland, the videos have been most helpful. They enhance and affirm my teaching of the work. I also enjoy them as a way to introduce people to Hal and Sidra Stone and how they teach and relate to each other. I have watched all the videos myself, and they reaffirm and help me grow.  I have found the video on Dreams especially appealing to all different classes and ages of people.

Fr. Bill Whittier – Catholic Priest, Teacher and  Counseler.
The New Beginnings Foundation Inc., Philippines

Voice Dialogue and The Aware Ego has been a tremendous help to all of our counsellors. They have gained a better perspective of the different “selves” which live within each of us.  It has also clarified the behavior patterns which we see in our clients, thereby allowing us to provide a more effective treatment plan for them.

Voice Dialogue has allowed us to experience how the “selves” come alive.

Dondi Ayuyao
Executive Director
New Beginnings Foundation

The Voice Dialogue Video/Audio Series is an excellent summation of the theoretical framework of the Psychology of Selves and its method, Voice Dialogue. Voice Dialogue is an elegant, simple and effective method of accessing the inner family of selves. Voice Dialogue readily lends itself to integration with other psychological models and is used extensively by psychotherapists from a wide range of modalities. It is easy to understand and apply, and its immediate benefits are one of its major advantages. We are fortunate to have such a complete record of the theory and method as related directly by the founders, Drs Hal and Sidra Stone. Michael Rowland has done a superb job of interviewing them. We thoroughly recommend this excellent series.

Robin Gale-Baker, B.A., T.S.T.C., M.A.A.S.P.
and Paul Gale-Baker, B.A., Dip Ed.
Directors, Australian Institute for Relational Training, Melbourne,

Having this new set of videos and audios of Hal and Sidra Stone is a tremendous boost for my teaching. I train therapists, coaches, and health profesionals in Voice Dialogue facilitation, and this new teaching tool has brought the masters right into my classroom it’s the best assistance I could possibly have.

Miriam Dyak, Counsellor, USA
Author of The Voice Dialogue Facilitator’s Handbook

Health Practitioners

Medical Doctors, Alternative Health Practioners

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I have longed to have such a teaching resource as is now available in the new video/audio series available from the creators of Voice Dialogue. The video format brings nuance, clarity, and an energetic connection to the subpersonalities. Here is the compre-hensive tool that gives any student access to understanding the complexity of themselves and others, while at the same time discovering paths to greater growth and self-worth. The series should be a requirement in the curriculum for all general students, but is absolutely a must for those in the clinical, behavioural and medical sciences.

Wm. C. Harrell, M.D.
Internal Medicine Specialist

“Many patients have chronic physical pain related to years of chronic stress from an over-developed “Inner Critic”.  The stress the Inner Critic creates is greatly relieved when they learn to work with it and transform it into an ally. This then effectively relieves their chronic pain and insomnia.

Even those with lots of prior counseling have expressed amazement and gratitude when working with Voice Dialogue.  Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone have changed many lives with their powerful health enhancing potential work.”

Drs Hal and Sidra Stone latest project, the Voice Dialogue Series, is the best presentation of their innovative work to date. Filmed and recorded before a live audience, the Stones are at their best as they interact with this energetic group of people.  The teaching examples are not hypothetical, and the audience is fully engaged in the process of learning Voice Dialogue.

The series is masterfully edited, with thoughtful narration and one on one interviews, that are blended into the live presentations to reinforce the major teaching points.  This series is a must for anyone using Voice Dialogue in a professional capacity and highly recommended for those who are using Voice Dialogue to improve their relationships and their quality of life.

Michael Powell, M.D.
Rheumatologist, USA

Voice Dialogue was first recommended to me a number of years ago by my then girlfriend and now wife. However, it was not until two years latter when she managed to obtain an audio recording of Hal and Sidra did I first find the motivation to review their work.

From the very first tape I was excited by what I was hearing. The paradigm of which they spoke not only matched my personal experience but also was consistent with what I have observed through ten years of private practise. The depth in both form and content, of the Voice Dialogue method they developed, was readily received and immediately enhancing both to my personal and professional life.

Personally, it helped bring a context to my experience in relationship with myself and others, thus, facilitating within me greater reflection and the ability to transform old reoccurring patterns into new more fulfilling ones. Likewise it has been a valuable resource (made more potent through the most recent video/audio series presented by Michael Domeyko Rowland) to offer clients when they are actively seeking new tools to integrate their past and newly emerging experiences.

I recommend The Voice Dialogue Series to anyone with an interest in maximising their experiences or assisting others to do likewise.

Dr Andrew Cramb (Chiropractor)
Network Care Practitioner,
Melbourne Australia.

As a naturopath I am very aware of the role emotional “baggage” and negative patterns play in the physical symptoms experienced by patients. I have been using Voice Dialogue in my own personal growth for many years and have gained greater awareness of these patterns in my own life and how to deal with them.

Since training as a Voice Dialogue facilitator and using the technique with patients, I find that they are more proactive in their own recovery, allowing them to move on both physically and emotionally. A brilliant technique to assist people in gaining health, happiness and self awareness.

Gill Stanley N.D.
Dip. C.E. Assoc Dip. N.T.
Geelong , Australia

Educational Institutions

Universities, Colleges, Schools and Libraries

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Nature Care College
of Naturopathic and Traditional Medicine P/L

The Voice Dialogue Series is a highly effective educational resource that we now find integral to our holistic counselling training programme. The 12 videos provide a comprehensive and practical introduction to The Psychology of Selves and inner life of the psyche. Our students find the series informative, thorough and professionally empowering. We heartily recommend these videos to all educators who wish to develop quality understandings and high-level competencies in the artistry of human care in their students.

Rodney Brennan
Nature Care College, Sydney

Paul Perfrement
Diploma of Holistic Counselling and Life Care
Nature Care College, Sydney

Human Resource Departments

Training and Development Companies

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Voice Dialogue has been used to improve the performance of managers and executives throughout the United States. I have used it with managers and executives to increase their focus, personal effectiveness, and improve their working relationships with bosses, peers, subordinates, and customers.

Voice Dialogue is easily integrated into a variety of executive development programs and provides a safe and powerful method for managers and executives to quickly improve their performance.

Some practical benefits I have found include being able to relate more effectively by clearly seeing who I am dealing with. I am also able to coach my clients easily and generally I am a more compassionate person.

I would highly recommend learning about the Voice Dialogue technique, and especially the video/audio series produced by Dr John Coroneos. The series explains this process better than any other vehicle I have seen.

John Ruh
Founder of the Human Resource Store

“Norwegian consultancy Coràge offers a very effective Voice Dialogue business coaching program and  method for top management executives.

Based on the teachings of Drs Hal and Sidra Stone,  we follow a very structured coaching progress based on the needs of the employer, the team and/or the individual.  Hundreds of executives have been successfully guided through our coaching process.”

Senior consultants Konrad Magnus and Nina Bratt, owners of Coràge, have
extensive training in Voice Dialogue.

As a French training and  consulting company, we have been using Voice Dialogue in professional coaching for several years. We use it either alone or in combination with the well-known Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). These approaches complement each other very well, the MBTI giving a map and a compass to describe the psyche and Voice Dialogue giving a methodology to “walk” through the psychic territory.

We have developed a highly praised 20-day training in individual coaching for Human Resources professionals based on this method, which proves to be very successful, in the organizational environment as well as in the therapeutic context.

Geneviève Cailloux MA, Pierre Cauvin PhD
Osiris Conseil – Exclusive MBTI qualifying trainer for France.

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Actors, Writers, Artists

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“As a result of working with Hal and Sidra Stone since the mid-seventies, I
have been using Voice Dialogue and other sub-personality techniques as part
of my acting system with “life changing results!”

My process of teaching acting stresses that there is no separation between
Acting and Living! Voice Dialogue techniques have helped actors to access
parts of their personalities they didn’t even know existed.

Over the years this technique has enabled actors to carry those parts into
the characters they have played.”

Eric Morris
Master Teacher
The Eric Morris Actors Workshop

” Voice Dialogue is an acting tool so powerful, it could almost be an entire approach to acting. The very common ’emotional blocks, fears, and inhibitions’ actors must deal with when approaching the creation of characters and performances are rapidly solved using Voice Dialogue.

Voice Dialogue provides a guaranteed, specific way of rapidly accessing all the extremes of the human personality spectrum. The Psychology of the Selves and Voice Dialogue guarantee you will ‘connect’ with all kinds of new characters and understand the dynamics of their relationships on entirely new levels. You will develop an extremely diverse repertoire of characters for use in all your work – with different ages, philosophies, emotional realities, voices and body language.

This means you will be castable in many more roles and your work will be more dimensional and unpredictable. Voice Dialogue will revolutionize actor training.”

Jason Bennett,

Founder and Director of The Jason Bennett Actor’s Workshop in New York

“Actors will uncover a dynamite of information in this superb series. The extraordinary insights into characters and relationships will empower any artist’s process on a truly transformational level. You’ll never research and rehearse a character the same again! This is a must for every actor dedicated to creating work informed by depth, detail and, above all, recognizable human behavior. Your audiences will thank you for ever.”

Dean Carey,
Artistic Director
Actors Centre Australia

“…I have been developing the Voice Dialogue model in actor training for the past 2 years, using it quite specifically in the training as both a consciousness tool and as a craft approach towards characterisation.

As an acting coach on films I have also employed the model directly to assist actors in rehearsal to find parts of themselves that best suit the characters they are playing. There is an infinite resource of creativity in us all, the Voice Dialogue Model gives us a very specific means of sourcing this creativity through consciousness and awareness.

When we use this model we deal directly and specifically with the energetics of the myriad selves and their role in the act of artistic transaction that occurs between actor and audience.”

Martin Challis:
In creative expression our impulses are the magic food of inspiration.
PT Lecturer
Acting TPM
Academy of the Arts QUT

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The Voice Dialogue Series Video and Audio Set

The Voice Dialogue Series is produced by Wiseone Entertainment and is composed of 6 Videos and 8 Audios, it is presented and directed by Michael Domeyko Rowland who acts as our guide throughout the series. The Audios do not duplicate what is on the Videos but offer deeper explorations of the Voice Dialogue system.

The first thing I notice is the presentation. The Voice Dialogue Series comes in a superior quality presentation case with introduction papers, printed copies of the Summary Screens as used in the Video series and Guidelines for using the course.

The Videos offer a solid foundation in Voice Dialogue; they are edited in such a way each one builds on what you have learnt in the last. Rather than just being a solid “blast” of information, the presentation is well paced with summary screens being regularly used at around 20 minute intervals. I found this especially helpful as it brought together all the ideas being presented in a condensed fashion on a regular basis.

Program One

Program One is a simple introduction to sub personalities and goes for around 11 minutes. It is worth watching a couple of times as it forms the foundation of Voice Dialogue. This section uses 3D computer graphics to help us visualize the basic structure of the psyche and how the sub personalities work. It is well presented, easy to understand and a superb introduction to this new way of understanding ourselves.

Program Two

Program Two is a longer presentation (about an hour) which examines the primary sub personalities, for ease of use it is sub divided into sections on How the Personality Develops, The Major Primary Selves and The Major Primary Selves continued. These are sections from a live workshop by Hal and Sidra Stone, which are edited with further explanations presented in interview format and summary screens. The further explanations are highly significant as they offer very direct explanations of the key concepts which are then again emphasized by the summary screens. I really like the combination of live footage from a workshop, direct interview footage and summary screens this makes this package very user friendly. This is a very good way to learn, the series is structured in such a way that it is nearly impossible to misunderstand any basic concepts and difficult to miss key ideas since they are so clearly explained. Having undertaken many training courses via DVD, this is one of the best formats I have seen, using a combination of methods to offer a balance of a clear and precise presentation of the Voice Dialogue system coupled with enough detail and personal examples to make it very interesting.

Program Three

Program Three explores the effect that disowned selves and sub personalities in general have on health. This is a very important discussion as it avoids allowing the course to be purely “cerebral” and helps us see practical ramifications of these theories. This includes some very pertinent issues which are again presented in bit size pieces. The first section explores what disowned selves are, how they operate and what they can teach us. In the second section we get more insight into these disowned selves as well as how they function within a family unit and how the dynamics of that family help create those disowned selves. There is also a significant discussion of how embracing doesn’t mean becoming and that while we need to own our sub personalities it doesn’t mean we have to follow each of them and become what they represent. Just because we, for example, face our selfishness, doesn’t mean we have to be selfish, just that we need to appreciate that it exists inside of us. This is a very important aspect of Voice Dialogue, that there are no “good or bad selves”, “selves” are not judged, but owned and accepted. While we may choose to not express a given self, it is imperative that we appreciate all aspects of ourselves.

This is followed by a fascinating discussion of how illness can be caused by disowned selves, one classic example offered was a woman racked with gastro intestinal pain. When this was explored using voice dialogue it was found that her sub personality known as the “Pusher” was keeping her so active, so busy, so constantly on the move that she was unable to relax and simply “be” and this was causing the symptoms she was experiencing. Indeed when she dealt with these issues her pain subsided.

Program Four

Program Four introduces another of the key concepts of Voice Dialogue, The Aware Ego. This is a highly significant concept since it is The Aware Ego which learns to “manage” the various selves (a bit like a conductor of an orchestra) and co-ordinate their many abilities. This is then followed by explorations of the ego process, spirituality and related issues. The third section explores in some detail how we can live differently, how we can experience life as an “Aware Ego” and the ramifications that has. Again this program is divided into three bite sized sections and uses summary screens to help us understand the Aware Ego concept.

Programs Five and Six explore the nature of bonding and relationships and these are certainly very insightful and meaningful discussions. When we begin to understand our own primary selves and disowned selves we can start to understand why our relationships function the way they do. In Program five we come to understand negative and positive bonding patterns especially in relation to the rejection of our own vulnerability. We explore the three aspects of the bonding pattern and how they apply to relationships. One of the most powerful concepts is that the things that we judge most harshly in ourselves is actually the self we disown! Program Six continues this exploration of bonding and relationships with many practical examples as well as deepening our understanding of the energetic levels of relationships.

Program Seven

Program Seven introduces the concept of Dreams and discusses their value within Voice Dialogue. As Hal Sidra so aptly state “Dreams are the dances of the primary selves and disowned selves”. This section offers ways to interpret dreams in light of these selves includes some fascinating examples of dreamscapes and what they can reveal if we examine them closely.

Part two of this program examines the role of symbols and themes within dreams and especially discusses the way we disown our instincts and how these may communicate within dreams. I especially like the dream Hal recounts of a woman in his class who dream she went into her basement and it was filled with wild animals in cages, which had all been put to sleep by new age music. This clearly being a message to her that her “new age” spirituality was imbalanced in that it was suppressing her natural instincts and desires.

Program Eight

Program Eight is where we actually start to examine how Voice Dialogue works. We get an introduction to where the system came from, the goals and benefits and hints on how to put it into practice. The first section is quite personal, discussing Hal and Sidra’s own work and experiences. This is one of the things that makes this whole series so powerful, there is a constant openness on the side of the teachers of the system which allows us to see the working of Voice Dialogue from the inside not just as another “psychological system”. This warmth and willingness to share personal anecdotes makes this whole series quite unique as opposed to most other courses which have a strong “teacher-student” dynamic. The whole tenor of the work is much more like the sharing of wisdom from people who have learnt a lot about life rather than a didactic presentation of a new discovery.

Part three actually begins to outline how the Voice Dialogue system works and how it can be used in a practical way.

Programs Nine to Twelve

Programs Nine to Twelve offer practical demonstrations of Voice Dialogue in action.

Programs Nine and Ten are one on one demonstrations with reference to specific sub personalities such as the Inner Critic, Nursing Mother and Free Spirit, Pusher and Lover.

Program Eleven gives demonstrations exploring relationships especially examining how “marriages” tend to be when a people marriage their opposites and partners hence carry the disowned selves of each other.

The final program Twelve gives examples of the use of dreams within The Voice Dialogue process.

The Audio Package

We have examined in quite some detail the Video program within this package as it offers a truly comprehensive guide to Voice Dialogue.

In addition to the Video section, it also includes an eight Audios which offers over eight hours of material exploring in great detail a wide range of sub personalities, these include Rule Maker / Rebel , Special / Ordinary, Observer / Spontaneous , Spiritual / Earthly, Mind / Feelings, Patriarch / Matriarch, Control / Release, Sensuality and Sexuality, Pleaser / Selfish, Psychological Knower, What will people think Independent / Dependent, Pusher / Being , Invisible / Spacer / Chameleon, Perfectionist / Slob, Responsible Parent, Power / Vulnerability, Jungle / Victim, Personal / Impersonal, Abuser / Abusee, Critic / inner Teacher and Inner Children.

Included on the final two Audios are more in-depth explorations of the nature of dreams, the use of symbols and imagery within Voice Dialogue and practical issues such as the use of illness to learn and grow.

The Voice Dialogue Series is an extra-ordinary package; it would not be an exaggeration to say that it offers a truly revolutionary view of the human psyche which can radically transform how we live and work with ourselves. The Voice Dialogue Series is a truly comprehensive package. It will be of exceptional value to the therapist and professional as well as to anyone interested in psychology such as counselors, life coaches or teachers.

At the same time we should not discount its value for personal learning, the package will also be of great interest to any individual who simply wants to know more about their own inner work and how to get the maximum of their life. The personal way the material is taught, the use of workshop footage and live interviews, regular summary screens and constant examples, stories and anecdotes means any moderately educated laymen can also use their package for their own development.

Considering the size of the package and the cost of workshops or courses in such fields the US $197 price (or US $177 for the digital version) is extremely reasonable and you have on hand a permanent reference you can use time and time again.