Welcome to
The Voice Dialogue Course – Part 1

The Extraordinary Work of
Drs Hal & Sidra Stone

Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone are world-renowned clinical psychologists who specialise in personality and relationships. They are brilliant, insightful, and rational, and have taken the whole field of psychology and personal growth to a new level.

Their relationship and personal growth knowledge is completely different from what you may have heard before, and over the next 4 lessons you will learn all about it, and the benefits it holds for relationships and your life.

How Your Personality is formed –
The Key to Understanding
Your Relationships and Life

Very briefly, what Hal and Sidra teach, is that when you were born, you were completely vulnerable, a helpless infant, dependent upon others to feed, clothe, protect and nurture you. If you are properly cared for, you are filled with joy. Your little being radiates unconditional love.

In fact you are still today radiating unconditional love, because it is what you are at essence. But your ability to express real love has been severely suppressed and blocked by what has happened to you.

As you grew, you realised, through direct experience, that the world was not filled with unconditionally loving beings. Many people, including those close to you, were stressed and expressed negative emotion.

The daily chores were too much for them, or they were not particularly intelligent and, perhaps in their own minds, felt they were losing at the game of life. In this state they often became despondent, angry and full of pain. They may have tried to hide it from you, but you, with your young mind, could see what was really going on.

Or they may have even used you as a dumping ground for their negativity and frustrations. You may have been abused, physically, emotionally or psychologically. As well, you found that the world itself was full of dangers, not only from the natural world, but also from the products of “civilization”, such as cars, electricity, kitchen stoves & so on.

You had to defend yourself. This is how we all survive.

You did this by building up an “energetic shield” in your system that became your protection for your survival and wellbeing. You had to protect the “vulnerable child” you began your life as.

This protective covering, which is called your personality, contains both positive and negative behaviours, and everything in between. It is what you use to express yourself, it is the mask you wear, and communicate through in all your relationships.

The word ‘personality’ comes from the Latin word ‘persona’, which literally means mask. You experience this as your ‘personness’ or ‘personality’. So your personality is just a mask worn by your true Self. There is nothing right or wrong about this, it is just the way life is for everyone.

You may not realize it, but your mind remembers just about everything, and you have, stored within your subconscious, all the parts of yourself you have ever or never expressed.

The first key for true success in all areas of your life, is for you to understand your personality and embrace, or accept, all of it. By doing so you become fully conscious of all parts of your being, and can therefore experience what you truly are.

This self discovery is the great opportunity of relationship. And only this will give you excellent relationships. In fact, it is the true purpose of relationship. All problems in relationship arise because people hold onto identifying with, and protecting, the personality, and never experience what they truly are, the Self. And this blocks their ability to feel real love, because they are out of touch with the essence of their being, the True Self.

You cannot help but take yourself and your past experiences, into a relationship. However there is a system which the Stones have discovered, that gives you the tools to use your old patterns as stepping stones to love, growth and freedom, rather than alienation and closing down from your partner, which eventually leads to separation.

In Part 2, coming next, you will discover that your personality has many different parts or ‘subpersonalities’, which explains how you have become the person that you are, and how you have created your life. You will also discover several different examples of subpersonalities.



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