Voice Dialogue Course – Part 2

Your Personality is Made up of Many Parts

Let us see why the work of Hal and Sidra Stone is so amazing. They have examined all the necessary factors to create real understanding of relationship and personal growth. Let’s see what they say about the reality of your personality. Once you get this, it will open up a whole new realm of knowledge for you, which you can put into practice to gain immediate benefits.

Your personality is a multi-faceted faculty. It is made up of many different parts, each with its own identity and individuality. You can see this multitude of different selves in your own life.

The way you relate to your lover is different to the way you relate to your parents. The way you relate to your boss is different to the way you relate when you are out socialising with friends. The energy you feel when you are making love is different to the one you express when you are playing sport or studying for an exam.

Previously, it was thought that these were just different expressions of one personality structure, but now we know, thanks in particular to the work of Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, that you are made up of myriads of actual individual structures called “selves” or “subpersonalities”, that, together, make up what we refer to as the personality.

By the way, this is nothing to do with a split personality, which is a clinical condition usually based on severe trauma in early childhood. This is the normal state of every human being, even though very few know of it.

It is the force of survival that builds your personality. From infancy onwards, you spontaneously expressed yourself in a variety of behaviours: anger, laughter, excitement, fear, enthusiasm, sadness and so on. When you were appreciated and acknowledged for a particular behaviour, by those who bring you up, you retain it. When your behaviour is not appreciated or rejected, your mind buries that behaviour into your subconscious.

For instance, if you were praised by a parent for great school work, you keep that behaviour of a good student. It becomes a ‘self’, or more accurately, a subpersonality. This is what allows you to do your school work.

Each mode of expression, each behaviour you have, is an individual ‘self’. You have many different ‘selves’, such as a Perfectionist, an Analyst, an Inner Critic, a Pusher, a Clown, a Slave, a Pleaser, a Humorist, an Aggressor, a Manipulator, a Sports person, a Couch Potato, a Playful one and so on.

There is a whole range of possibilities. Think for a moment how would you describe yourself and your behaviours? When you do this, you are describing your subpersonalities. And, the ones you keep at the surface of your mind, due to your upbringing, are called ‘Primary Selves’. Hal and Sidra Stone’s brilliant “Psychology of Selves” system describes this perfectly. It has become the recognized standard in many schools of psychology.

You also have those selves which you tried to express, but were rejected. If you expressed anger, and that was frowned upon, or you were punished for it, then you may avoid expressing anger. The angry self is suppressed, maybe bursting to the surface, years later in life, at inopportune times. Or, perhaps as an adult, you always feel angry inside and you don’t know why. Many of these rejected selves are emotionally negative, such as sadness, frustration and resentment.

There are also others you have, which are actually amazingly powerful and creative. But, when you were young, these were never encouraged or nurtured. So they stay buried in your subconscious. These are called the ‘Disowned Selves’. You are filled with undreamed of potentials. It is extraordinary the power and abilities you have within you, which can be released by the keys revealed by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone.

In Part 3, you will finally discover why you attract certain people into your life, and how to enrich your relationships.



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