Voice Dialogue Course – Part 4

Introducing The Voice Dialogue Technique

It is so simple to make profound and ecstatic changes, once you understand that you are far more than you have ever considered yourself to be. Knowledge of the true form of your personality is the essential means to ensure your relationships will be filled with respect and love, and continue to grow in a way that is necessary for life long pleasure, and deep insight into the true nature of what you are.

The technique associated with Dr. Hal and Sidra Stone’s Psychology of Selves system, is called ‘Voice Dialogue’, and it truly is the greatest tool to improve any relationship and allow both people to express all their potentials. It also gives you the means to understand other people at a very profound and insightful level.

Each subpersonality has its own way of expressing itself, it’s ‘voice’, and with Voice Dialogue you learn to allow it to express itself. The dialogue is also able to tell you about your feelings, which you may be totally unaware of.

For example, I heard a statistic, by a psychiatrist, who said in his practice, 80 to 90 percent of relationships are out to revenge their parents, by using their partner as the substitute parent!

There are so many other drives that Hal and Sidra reveal. Imagine all the hidden motivations we have going on in our subconscious. What chance have we got to experience an ever deepening connection with anyone unless we understand our selves at a deep level?

Who really comprehends that they are a multi faceted being, a mixture of different potentials and qualities? Very few. Most of us only show our partners a small percentage of what is really going on inside ourselves.

When you understand the Voice Dialogue system, and you learn to hear your subpersonalities, your ability to express yourself rapidly increases. You feel empowered and amazed that you have so much more within yourself than you ever imagined.

With Voice Dialogue, you are able to grow yourself. You discover and ‘unlock’ your many selves along with your partners. It is truly the most fascinating, powerful and fun activity that you can have with that special person in your life. And the feelings of compassion, insight and closeness that grow in each session are amazing. It beats watching any movie!

The Unique Difference – The Aware Ego

Why take a chance with what is most important to you, when the solution has been discovered? Save yourself a lifetime of trying to work it out for yourself. Let the professionals, Hal Stone PhD and Sidra Stone PhD, the people who have given their lives to the study of it, explain it to you.

What makes Voice Dialogue stand out above all the other techniques and methods that you might have heard of? The system is totally unique, and it reveals a crucial faculty that sets it above the other methods available. It will show you how to develop a brand new faculty, called the ‘Aware Ego’, which allows you to embrace all parts of yourself. You will see how to awaken those dormant potentials, and ways of expressing yourself, that will radically improve your life.

What is the Aware Ego?

A good metaphor for understanding it is that of an ‘orchestra’ which contains dozens of ‘instruments’. The instruments of your mind are your subpersonalities or ‘selves’. Through upbringing and conditioning by society, your self expression has been limited, and you use only a handful of the instruments in the orchestra of your personality. Not only that, these few instruments may be playing in a haphazard, uncoordinated way.

The Aware Ego, which is intentionally developed by understanding Voice Dialogue, is like the conductor. The Aware Ego, like the conductor, can bring forward the appropriate instrument as required, and has the choice of using the whole range of instruments in the orchestra. The orchestra of your personality can now play in tune, and to its full capacity.

This is the potential that awaits all those committed to their own personal growth.

I am sure you know you can be far more than you have been so far in your life. What you may not know is how to bring these inactive subpersonalities to the surface. The Voice Dialogue Series will show you how.

Benefits you gain from Voice Dialogue

These are common benefits gained from understanding Voice Dialogue.

  • how to grow closer in your personal relationships and marriage, and develop a relationship which gets better every year.
  • increase intimacy, experience real love and increase the heart connection with your partner
  • help your children fulfil their potentials and have happy and successful lives.
  • attract the right person to have a relationship with
  • uncover the real reasons why so many relationships go into a downward spiral and what to do about this
  • Understand why you may draw the same types of people again and again into your life, and what to do about it
  • become more attractive, as well as growing into a more whole and balanced person
  • discover how your energy levels, self-confidence, career, finances and creativity are created by your personality structure.
  • learn about the power of your mind over your health. Truly understand what body pains and symptoms may, in fact, mean and learn how to use them for greater health and vibrancy.
  • Create a flourishing career, earning a great income, doing what you love and living with a strong sense of purpose.
  • crack the code of your own dreams, and see how they can become a teacher for you
  • learn a powerful and unique self development technique that can deepen your relationships, communication abilities, and every aspect of your life



For the full information about Dr Hal and Sidra Stone’s DVD video/ CD audio set called The Voice Dialogue Series, click here.

The series is a comprhensive coverage of their complete system. It benefits your relationships and communication abilities, feelings and emotions, health, self-confidence, career and financial life, creativity and dreams. The videos and audios will clarify so much about how your life can be a totally fulfilling experience.

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