A Question about a Repetitive Dream

Issue 66 –

Last month’s Voice Dialogue Tips prompted a woman to ask about her relationships, subpersonalities and repetitive dreams. Her question is followed by Dr Hal Stone’s response.

Question about a Repetitive Dream

Last month’s information about ‘Sharing Dreams’ really struck a chord with me.  I have hurt others either with theft or cheating (relationships).  I have really struggled to correct this and ignore temptation.  In my dreams I still steal and cheat. Thus, I have always been worried that my efforts to be a person with integrity and honesty were all in vain.  But after reading your information, I feel better, knowing these sub-personalities which I have struggled to bury are simply living and it’s ok to let them breath.  


Please will you assist with the meaning of the following dream:  


I constantly have the same dream.  I am involved in some sort of performance but I never know either my entrance, lines, choreography, costume etc…  To be honest, I haven’t always been a hardworking person, as a child I didn’t practice calisthenics, learn all of my songs for choir etc… is this the child in me simply reliving the times where I didn’t know all my lines for choir etc…?



Hal’s response

Where we are in our journey of life is not really the important thing.  The really central question is whether we have a clear intent to change our life and our consciousness for the better, even if we don’t know what “for better” may mean.  You clearly have set an intention to change yourself and to become a more conscious and effective human being.  It is as though you haven’t found the proper stage yet for you to live your life in a way that makes you satisfied and happy. You need some help in doing this.  


What I would do if I were in your place is to create an organized prayer directed to God who is guardian of our spiritual reality and to the Organizing Intelligence which carries the blueprint of our overall life. The Organizing Intelligence is that in the universe and also within our own mind and body that carries the blueprint of each of our personal fates and journey.  It is from this source that our dreams emerge.  

In this creating this prayer/ intent I would ask for help in finding your direction — your stage — at this time in your life.  I would ask what you need to do as a next step in living out the blue print of your life that is as yet unknown to you.  This kind of Intent is not an intellectual exercise.  You need to feel it; you need to want this new stage of life and you need to surrender to these Higher Energies in the knowledge that they can support and clarify where you are meant to be and what you are meant to do.  Then you need to thank them for having helped you accomplish this.


This kind of surrender requires no particular kind of spiritual belief structure. All it requires is an appreciation that there is an Intelligence, a capacity for Knowing that lies beyond our ordinary capabilities.  It is from this level of surrender that we can reach a very new and different kind of strength.

If you need help along the way we will be happy to provide a referral for you wherever it is that you are living.  Should you decide to see someone you must be sure that the person is properly trained and knows what he or she are doing.  Find other people who have worked with this person so you can get personal recommendations.  Choosing a therapist is as important as choosing a husband.  You are developing a deeper kind of intuition at this time and it will help in the choices you make.

You are aware of a number of selves that you would prefer not having around.  The important thing is that you are seeing some of these selves and know that they are there.  Consciousness is seeing and feeling what is there and learning to embrace all that is in us.  We humans are not meant to be saints.  We are meant to embrace our saintliness just as we must embrace the feelings on the other side that don’t seem very nice.  Everyone has their cheat and their arrogance and their selfishness and this is all part of being human.  You are in a position to begin to embrace the dark and the light and I wish that all humanity could take this step and begin to feel the light and the dark that lie within each of us.


With warmest wishes,

Hal Stone