Source Intelligence and Core Vulnerability by Hal Stone Part 1 of 2

Issue 91 –

Source Intelligence and Core Vulnerability (c)
Part 1 of 2


Dr Hal Stone


Over the past few months I have begun to share with you some thoughts and feelings I have been mulling over that come from my personal diary, some teachings on our work that Sidra or I or we have jointly written, and also some very core dreams that have been coming to me every four to six weeks.


Between these core dreams there are periods of time when I don’t remember dreams at all and other times I have working dreams that seem to be dreams that are in a process of organizing themselves and myself but they are vague and also usually difficult to get hold of.


The pattern I experience in relationship to my dream process is one of organization over a period of time culminating in a very clear dream or a few dreams in a cycle. This brings a new clarity and sometimes a kind of state of grace that can remain for a few days or a week or even longer at times. A few times it has lasted over a much longer period of time.


What happens then, and often quite suddenly, is that a period of de-integration comes in and things feel quite confusing. It doesn’t feel like a dis-integration where things are more in free fall and everything feels like it is breaking up. It is simply that what has become more ordered and organized is suddenly not ordered and organized. I am used to this pattern now and over the years I have developed a much stronger base to stand on. When things become more chaotic I am able generally to dance with the resultant sense of chaos as though it were an old friend. In the earlier years I usually didn’t feel too well during these periods of time and I wanted them out of the way. At these times I expect them and welcome them and, in addition, I have observed the same process in almost everyone I have ever worked with over a longer period of time.


The last core dream I had came a little more than a month ago when I met the figure of death standing behind Sidra’s body and forcing her body down much too far and appeared to me to be endangering her in a serious way. This dream was submitted as a part of the Facebook series in which we have been publishing material over the past few months. In this dream I reacted strongly to the death figure even though he could easily kill me.


It seems that my strength and also my connection to him changed something and he shifted from this ominous figure of death and power to a young man who walked over to me and entered my body and he became a self or sub-personality that had to do with death and dying. It felt like something substantial had happened in this dream.


It did mark a time of great change. Since then the issue of death and dying has changed quite dramatically for Sidra and myself. It truly seems to have become a non-issue for us both. I will die when I will die and get sick when I get sick but there is a new kind of acceptance that is now present. We both feel free of a very heavy burden that Sidra herself was forced to carry in one way and I in another way. It is all much more natural.


These dreams over the past few years feel to me as though they are accompanying the process I am in, as though they represent pictures of the process I am in and also as though they in themselves are bringing through very deep changes in a very direct way. They are freeing me from whatever it is that seems to be not free. They are enlightening me and enlivening me in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined. I share them with you because I believe that the process I am in is not just mine alone but a kind of prototypical process that is available to a much larger group of people who find a way to work with oppositional energies and develop what we refer to as the Aware Ego Process. It is this process that allows them to embrace this majesty of opposites that are in each of us. As we learn to embrace these opposites, the Aware Ego Process can become stronger and stronger in each of us.


It is this Aware Ego process that moves us inexorably towards the reality of Source Intelligence or Source Energy. These terms are inter-changeable. It is Source Energy that is there in the beginning – the original Intelligence of the Universe. It is this Intelligence that creates the structured forms of the universe; that creates earth itself; that creates the reality of the God energy systems (not religion or the structured forms that harden with time and lose the original God energy}; and that also creates the energies of the world itself and provides us with the instincts, the archetypal energies and the developing mind and emotional apparatus that allows us to survive, and prosper and evolve on the planet earth.


Source energy has no dogma. It has no gender. Source energy does not provide us with the capacity for ecstatic experience. These kinds of experiences come from the God energy system that Source has created. Source energy carries the map that each of us carries in our own unique way. Discovering the reality of this map has a good deal to do with the meaning and purpose we have as we live our life on earth.


It doesn’t matter whether we are married to our good looks or our worship of God or our hate or judgment to our enemy or our hyper love to our child. Source requires us to unhook from these marriages/ attachments/ unconscious linkages or any other names that you can think of. It requires us to psychologically divorce your Partner whether you are married to that person or not. The psychological divorce requires us to separate from the primary selves that are living out our relationship for us. Then there is a very different kind of Partnering that is possible.


Source energy carries the map of our individual fates – what the Greeks called our Moira. In the past almost anything we experienced of a higher order we have thought of as being Spiritual in nature. Over a period of time I have come to experience things quite differently. I have gone through old dreams of my own and client dreams recent and old and going back many years and it becomes increasingly clear to me that there are dreams that clearly are spiritually based. There are many other dreams, however, that are Source based. Spiritual energy takes us on a different path than Source energy. It is not good or bad or a black or white. They are just different and over time I hope to bring to you a clearer picture of how they are different. Earlier articles have deal with these questions already.


The dream I am sharing with you in this article is a Source based dream. It is unusual because it has in it much of my own thinking that has evolved over the past four to five years. It is one of most significant dreams I have had since I have been working with the issue of Source Energy and Spirituality. So much of my thinking about this issue has been incorporated into the actual content of the dream itself.


Until this time, the clearest dream that I have ever experienced regarding Source energy is one that I had about four years ago just before all of the illnesses started their very impressive journey of waking me up from wherever it is I had been sleeping.


In the core dream of that time Hal was in a room and Source energy picked Hal up and dropped him into the vessel of God energy. I must add here that being dropped into the vessel of God energy has been a repetitive dream in my life for many many years. I just took it for granted and never really thought about it too much. It has been indeed a lovely gift and God energy has been very familiar to me because of these experiences. Source energy never came up in these repetitive dreams.

In past dreams Hal always came out of the experience at just the right time. The dream was simply that he was in the vessel of God energy and experienced its strong energetic vibration and he then came out in a very natural way.


In this dream in 2011 however it is Source energy that drops Hal into the vessel of God energy. It is a bigger vessel and Hal/I are dropping down faster and the ecstatic component was more intense and lasting longer and I knew that Hal/I were going to break apart and die. My physical frame couldn’t handle it. Then Source energy, just before my death, stopped the process and took me out of the vessel. I was in a room and Sidra was waiting for me. In the room also were just a few of our students – maybe five or six or seven. My job was to begin to teach these students about Source Energy and how to work with Source energy and Spiritual energies with their clientele. (End Dream)


The dream from 2011 gave me such a clear picture of Source energy at that time. Everything felt so clear to me. Interestingly enough it was after this dream that all my illnesses began and I have been, in fact, in this vessel of God for a goodly period of time as I skirted the edge of death these past years since the dream. I feel as though at this time I have been taken out of the vessel and have been ready since fall of last year to more seriously engage this teaching. I could not have imagined the energies that are slowly becoming available to me if it were not for Sidra’s continued support of my work and process. These ideas are new and difficult and she has her own world view that has not been the same as mine. Nevertheless, she has maintained her support and her trust that I was handling things with some sense of accountability to her and responsibility in starting to open things up a bit more.


It is interesting also that a year to two years before the dream I have just shared, I had another dream that Christ had come from another dimension to speak with Sidra alone. He told her that she needed to help Hal with this process he was in and to help him in starting to teach the work regarding Source Energy. It is really interesting to think about the implications of this dream. Here is Christ, one of the Spiritual sons of the Spiritual Hierarchy, asking her to support Hal’s work concerning the ideas of Source Energy. It would appear that the Spiritual Hierarchy recognizes at some deep level that the actual religions of the world need something different that they can relate to – possibly even surrender to.


In September of the year 2013 the Dalai Lama wrote this paragraph onto his Facebook:


Dalai Lama

“All the world’s major religions, with their emphasis on love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness can and do promote inner values. But the reality of the world today is that grounding ethics in religion is no longer adequate. This is why I am increasingly convinced that the time has come to find a way of thinking about spirituality and ethics beyond religion altogether.”



Here is an example of a leader of a major religion with a long history of thousands of years of ritual and law preceding him, who can separate at some level from all his learning and knowledge and recognize that the reality of the Spiritual Hierarchy is no longer working and cannot be framed any longer in the religious framework that has always held it. I believe that Source energy carries this framework. Not only that, the beauty and experiences of actual spiritual reality can be supported and maintained under the umbrella of Source energy which requires us to embrace always the world of Spirit and the reality of the actual physical world that we live in.


I share these dreams to help you to prepare for aging. I share these dreams to help you to build a bridge between yourselves and the world of Spirit on the one side and the world of Life itself on the other side. I share these dreams and my process with you because I simply need to share this material with a larger collective. I need your feedback and your dreams and your experiences of source.


We need the wisdom that comes from this level of material. Spiritual wisdom is too often too rejecting of the world. It is too judging of the bad guys that are out there and also in all of us and so this makes it easier to stuff our own “badness” into the dungeons below. We need the wisdom that comes from Source because Source does not value God energy more than it values World energy – or more than it values a good cup of coffee.


I also need your reactions so that I can best make course corrections. Pay attention to your dreams and begin to think of them as to how they are sourced. Pay attention to synchronicities and how they happen and what they are connected to.


Voice Dialogue as a method is becoming increasingly popular. It is 43 years since Sidra and I began this work. The selves are now becoming household words. It is my honest belief that it will be much less than 43 years when Source energy will be the most central and integrated concept in all healing work. In 40 years I will be 127 years of age and you can call me a liar at that time if this development doesn’t take place in the way that I envision it. It is possible that I will not be in this body at that time so you can send a message to Source energy @P.O. Box 22(5A137) together with your letter of complaint and I will do the best I can do to answer it.


Today, as I mentioned before, the selves are a natural part of our vocabulary. My daughter Tamar Stone is showing these marketing ads on her website. These are video ads that are using the individual Selves to sell products. They are really very well done. From Voice Dialogue to the Aware Ego Process to Source Energy is part of a package. It is a road map that is becoming increasingly used in traveling the road that was once less traveled. There are many other roads and ways of looking at things. I support them all. In the end we are all moving to the same place and in the same direction. Consciousness is like that.


Recently I read an article in the New Yorker which was summing up the new hard research that was being done in the U.S. on the use of LSD and other Psychotropic drugs to treat cancer and addiction problems, depressive states and a wide range of other disturbed states of consciousness. This is serious research on a very large scale with many different investigators and funded by major agencies representing Cancer treatment, Addiction, treatment, Trauma Centers as well as the government itself. The psychiatrists sitting with the clients are going through quite a process with their own involvement. Having lived through all of this in what feels like another lifetime I would say that things are moving rather quickly right now. From watching the dream process unfold in many people around the world, my own sense is that Source Energy is constellating with ever increasing strength and power.